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Valery Lyons



  • Teacher: Science, Teacher: Middle School, Graduate Student 


I have seven years of experience in education. My first two years were with a middle school in my neighborhood in New Orleans. I worked as an in-house sub while I began a teacher certification process. In stead of student teaching I jumped in head first in to a full time position at Edna Karr Secondary Magnet school in New Orleans teaching ninth grade physics and tenth grade biology. This was one of the worst years of my life, but I came out with the determination to do a better job the next year. I began my second year as a full time teacher continuing the same position. We were a week and two days in to are schedule when Hurricane Katrina happend.

I moved to Cambridge, MA with the help of extended family. I took the first job offer that came my way a week after I settled in Cambridge. I "taught" biology, chemisrty, physics and health to BPS high school students through a collaborative organization with BPS, EDCO Youth Alternative. The next year started teaching 6-8 science with Boston Middle School Academy, with a very supportive staff and administration. 


Middle School Science