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Event: The Particulate Nature of Matter - Contextualized Content Course (Chemistry 1), Week 2

Jul 10, 2006
Jul 14, 2006

7/5-7/7, 7/10-7/14, University of Massachusetts Boston: 8 full-day sessions.

Middle and high school teachers of science. Priority given to Boston Public Schools teachers and pre-service teachers at BSP partner institutions (UMB, NEU, BPS).

Using current and future middle and high school curriculum materials, including FOSS "Chemical Interactions" and Living by Chemistry, as well as State and National standards for the teaching of chemistry at the middle and secondary school levels, this course offers an in-depth exploration of fundamental principles of chemistry. Focusing primarily on the particulate nature of matter, properties of solutions, mechanisms of energy transfer, chemical reactivity, and the use of scientific evidence to develop theories to explain nature, students are exposed to the current state of knowledge in the scientific community through laboratory activities, outside reading, classroom presentations and in depth discussions with classmates. Students participate in laboratory exercises drawn from national science standards-based middle and high school instructional materials. These exercises provide an opportunity to review these teaching materials and methods and discuss research-based strategies for communicating with students.

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Nov 9, 2005

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