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Event: Forces, Energy and Motion Contextualized Content Course (Physics 1), Week 2

Jul 10, 2006
Jul 14, 2006

7/5-7/7, 7/10-7/14, Northeastern University: 8 full-day sessions.

Middle and high school teachers of science. Priority given to Boston Public Schools teachers and pre-service teachers at BSP partner institutions (UMB, NEU, BPS).

This course is contextualized to the FOSS "Forces & Motion" and to the "Active Physics: Sports" curriculum modules. Using hands-on, inquiry experiences, many similar to those used in these curriculum modules, this course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the following concepts and principles: position, distance, displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration (motion: kinematics), forces, Newton's laws of motion and their application to one- and two-dimensional motion (motion: dynamics), work, mechanical energy (kinetic & potential), momentum and energy conservation. In addition to providing high-level content, while modeling modern pedagogical techniques, this course aspires to immerse teachers in the process of inquiry, build teachers' awareness of their role as facilitators in a student-centered environment and help them address effectively students', as well as their own, common pre- and misconceptions specific to the curriculum materials.

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Nov 9, 2005

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