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Event: From Science to Engineering: Contextualized Content Course (Engineering 1), Week 2

Jul 10, 2006
Jul 14, 2006

7/5-7/7, 7/10-7/14, Northeastern University: 8 full-day sessions.

Middle and high school teachers of science. Priority given to Boston Public Schools teachers and pre-service teachers at BSP partner institutions (UMB, NEU, BPS).

This hands-on course is aligned with the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Framework and introduces grade 6-12 teachers to the principles of engineering design and to the foundations of engineering on applied sciences and mathematics. The design process is outlined, input factors are examined and implementation is taking place with case studies. The importance of solid scientific foundations as well as creativity, optimization, safety, ethics, aesthetics, reliability, durability, serviceability, cost and market acceptability are stressed. The engineering design steps include the development and use of design methodologies, formulation of design problem statements and specifications, consideration of alternative solutions, feasibility considerations, and detailed system descriptions.

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Nov 9, 2005

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