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Event: Genetics and Cell Biology Contextualized Content Course (Biology 3), Week 2

Aug 7, 2006
Aug 10, 2006

7/31-8/3, 8/7-8/10, University of Massachusetts Boston: 8 full-day sessions.

Middle and high school teachers of science. Priority given to Boston Public Schools teachers and pre-service teachers at BSP partner institutions (UMB, NEU, BPS).

This course explores cell structures, biochemistry, and genetics, building on current curriculum materials at the secondary school level, including BSCS Biology - A Human Approach, as well as State and National standards for the teaching of biology. Subject matter includes eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell function; DNA structure, replication, and mutation; protein synthesis, structure and function; cell metabolism and respiration; Mendelian genetics; and modern applications of genetics such as DNA sequencing, genetic disorders, and gene therapy. The course exposes students to the current state of knowledge in the scientific community through laboratory and field activities, outside reading, classroom presentations, and challenging class discussions. Students participate in laboratory exercises drawn from national science standards-based high school instructional materials. These exercises provide an opportunity to review these teaching materials and methods and discuss research-based strategies for communicating with students. While this course is primarily designed to support high school teachers of biology; middle school teachers of science are welcome to enroll in this course.

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