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Event: Earth Systems Contextualized Content Course (Earth Science 1), Week 2

Jul 24, 2006
Jul 27, 2006

7/17-7/20, 7/24-7/27, University of Massaschusetts Boston: 8 full-day sessions.

Middle and high school teachers of science. Priority given to Boston Public Schools teachers and pre-service teachers at BSP partner institutions (UMB, NEU, BPS).

This course focuses on weather and the pivotal role water plays in earth's atmosphere. The unique properties of water, heat transfer related to phase changes, and ideal gas laws are used to examine natural phenomena such as rain, snow, dew and sleet. In addition to the basic physical and chemical controls of weather, we examine the role of solar radiation, winds, ocean currents and geographic location on regional climates. Students participate in laboratory exercises drawn from national science standards-based middle school instructional materials, including FOSS "Weather and Water." These exercises allow them to review these teaching materials and methods and discuss research-based strategies for communicating with students. While this course is primarily designed to support middle school teachers of science, high school teachers of science are welcome to enroll in this course.

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Nov 9, 2005

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