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Event: Creating American Scientists [Fenway HS]

Nov 2, 2005

1-4 PM, Fenway High School

Scientists, educators, policy makers and business people.

Fenway High School invites you to attend a symposium of Scientists, Educators, Policy Makers and Business People on November 2nd from 1-4 PM.

"Creating American Scientists: What should be done - in and out of the schools?"

This symposium is co-sponsored by Fenway High School, Boston Museum of Science and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and is free of charge.

Objectives include:
--> Share diverse views on why too few American students are becoming scientists today. Panelists and participants will represent a wealth of expertise in scientific research, K-12 and higher education, business, and educational policy.
--> Identify the dilemmas in science education today and the consequences of not resolving them.
--> Generate a report summarizing key points that will be used to inform discussion about the policy-making and practices of science education.

Confirmed panelists include:
Edward Benz , Jr., MD
President, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Joan Reede, MD, MPH, MS
Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School

Darren Wells, Science Teacher Leader, Department Chair, Timilty School (Boston Public Schools)
Recipient of 2004 U.S. Presidential Award in Science and Mathematics; Above & Beyond Award, Lesley University

Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
Massachusetts State Senator
Vice-Chair of the Joint Education Committee

To register, please send an email including your full contact information to Kristi Klein at


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