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$12.5m Grant Offers Teachers a Science Primer


The Boston Science MSP award was announced on October 1, 2004 by Senator Edward Kennedy. This article ran that day in the Boston Globe.

"...In the program, about 400 science teachers in grades 6 through 12 will take courses at Northeastern University and UMass-Boston in small groups over five years. Faculty from Harvard Medical School will also show teachers and parents how to promote science and technology careers to teenagers.

Besides covering the classes, the grant will pay for each teacher to pair up with a university professor for a full school year. The professors will work side by side with teachers, visiting classrooms and helping them to boost student test scores.

"What we liked about Boston was that there really was a clear commitment from the higher-education folks, and it's expected to improve science education in the primary grades," said Diane Spresser, head of the Math Science Partnership program at the National Science Foundation, which awarded the grant."